Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flickr, Mendhak and the full screen option

What's a blog for if not for self-promotion. I'm feeling altruistic too so I'm going to promote my friend Mendhak!
I've been a Flickr user for years; I love taking photos although I consider that I'm only a mediocre photographer. I love looking at portrait photos and Flickr was the first site I found that let me indulge in other people's photos in a rich way and with an abundance of photos. I've recently found 500px which has a nicer interface but you always prefer that first site, it'll take a while to port over to anything else.

Anyway, my friend Mendhak also shares a love of photography and of coding and has produced a signature generator and a full screen show-off-your-photo generator.
That's enough promotion for Mendhak, here's the self-promotion. Behold, leaves in autumn what I took (best viewed full screen on the biggest screen you own).

Thanks Mendhak : )

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