Thursday, March 20, 2014

Management Studio Feature Request

I spend quite a bit of time in Sql Server Management studio in bursts, at the moment I'm there quite a lot because I'm creating an SSIS package.
I find that I create tons of tabs which roughly group together a bunch of related, useful queries. They're nothing I want to keep long-term so I seldom save them but after a while I forget which bit of sql is in which tab. Things get worse when I have more tabs than can be displayed and the one I want is scrolled off the screen somewhere; "Hmm, was that query in SQLQuery20? *click* Nope, not that one. What is this stuff?".

I'd love to have two features here:

  1. Rename a tab without having to save it. I really should save it but sometimes I really only need them for an hour or two, I don't want the clean-up afterwards;
  2. Save a whole session for later. So say I'm working on the SSIS project, I have lots of tab open which are useful for now. But then I need to do something else, or management studio is running slowly so I want to close it and re-open it later. Wouldn't it be cool if I could save the whole session as it is and close management studio. Then when I get back to it I can re-open my SSIS project and have it reconnect to the databases I had, re-open all the tabs back to how they were including their names and positions;
That'd make me happy.

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